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I'm Josh,

Managing, inspiring and growing Product Design. Setting the vision for digital products and other strategic design initiatives. Focusing the staff of world-class designers, researchers and technologists on creating human-centered, compelling experiences that influence behaviors and add value to people’s lives.

I work closely with company leaders, product management, and engineering to go from early stage product concepts to launch.

Josh is very thoughtful of the long-term goals of the company and team. As a result, he pushes myself and others to be mindful of impacted areas and potential risks.
Ryan Doppelheuer - Product Manager
He puts the onus on himself to deliver the best possible product. His ability to think beyond the scope of the here and now will help propel our team to reach our potential and ultimately create value for our users.
Cole McKenna - Product Manager
Josh is deeply invested in growing horizontally thru product solutions. He keeps this in mind as we grow our Design System and the broader product concepts.
Tyrale Bloomfield - Director of UX
Josh does not seek to be understood, but rather seeks to understand. His thoughtful questions and adaptability has had a tremendous impact on how I view different problems and solutions.
Jena Acuff - Technical PM Manager
Josh approaches every problem with the broader context of the company goals and chassis concept in mind. He's constantly thinking 2-3 steps ahead to ensure we've designed features and solutions in a flexible manner for multiple use cases.
Brandon Carl - Chief Product Officer


"...somebody that doesn't know the tools that well, has a damn good idea in their head. That should be the goal of technology, 'get out of my way'." — Oak Felder


- Collaborated with executive team, engineering leadership, and product management on product priorities, and roadmap.

- Conceived, researched, designed, and documented a robust component based Enterprise Design System for cross functional teams.


- Built a global enterprise qualitative user research program with regular monthly cadence.

- Completely reset product design and vision which allowed for a company pivot that opened cross industry horizontal growth and inside customer base vertical growth.

Key responsibilities:

- Drive vision and strategy for the organization in order to deliver a world-class customer user experience, while helping to drive performance that includes improved cognitive rates, decision making confidence, and other critical KPIs.

- Lead, mentor, and inspire a team of passionate user experience and design professionals responsible for UX design, UI design, interactive and data visualization design, UX research, usability testing, and visual design.

- Partner and collaborate with Product, Marketing, Content, Technology, and Business team members to deliver engaging product and marketing user experiences and interfaces.

- Oversee the creation of design specifications and design standards in the form of robust style guides, interaction models, process flows, information architecture, wireframes, prototypes and UI/functional design specs to ensure a consistent holistic digital experience across all products.

- Created component based solutions designed to scale and grow over time, as product functionality and content matures and as user requirements evolve.

- Directed complex qualitative and quantitative research data, business goals and requirements, and translate them into functional designs.

- Optimize product usability and user performance by closely analyzing behavioral engagement metrics, business performance metrics, and testing alternative design solutions.

- Aid in building and executing of optimization plans focused on new product feature releases and enhancements.

- Drive engagements with external development agencies and vendors to augment internal capacity and capabilities.

- Conduct annual and mid-year employee reviews, reviewing individual development plans and providing performance feedback to team members.

Recent Experience

Over the last few years, a majority of my projects are under stacks of NDA's. Below you'll find a list of these projects, some with product names witheld.

Industry Agnostic Design System

The unique challenge here was a system that supports multiple use cases across different industries. FinTech, Customer Support, Healthcare, Human Trafficking, and Community moderation are among the high level industry categories. Each with their respective regulatory and configuration needs.

  • 9 countries
  • 7+ languages
  • 5 pm & dev teams
  • HSBC, Wells Fargo, Barclays, UBS, HCA, et. al.
  • Focused on analyzing Human communication
  • End user agnostic workflows

AI/ML Surveillance Platform

Teaching a machine to understand Human communication is challenging. The application here is a tool that allows the machine to alert users to concerning communication language and patterns of monitored users at scale.

  • 10+ million emails daily
  • 120+ hours of audio hourly
  • Agnostic workflows across comms, and behavioral patterns
  • Multiple UX Design patents (audio, timeline, profile, comm review, etc)

AI/ML Model Building

Building quality models for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is extensively labor intensive. A single model can require hundreds of user hours just to get to the first iteration. A tool was needed to help Data Scientist and Subject Matter Experts collaboratively iterate and build models.

  • 80% time reduction on end users
  • Introduced the opportunity for rapid iteration and versioning
  • Dramatically reduced the cognitive load on DS & SME’s
  • Creation of a community for model sharing

AI/ML Electronic Health Record

The EHR has grown into a mess with the heavy regulation, insurance reqs, complicated interactions, and developer lead design. This project was a radical departure from the standard. Using simplified workflows, user centering design, and Machine Learning I created a new paradigm for Physician software.

  • Tablet forced workflows
  • Created a National Physician User Group
  • Reduced “Time in EHR” from > 4 hrs daily to < 30 min daily
  • Multiple UX Design patents (timeline, ordering, reconciliation, shared collaborative experience)

Past Experience

Over the last few years, a majority of my projects are under stacks of NDA's. Below you'll find a list of these projects, some with product names witheld.

Smarsh (Digital Reasoning)

Conduct Surveillance uses patented AI to turn all forms of communications and structured data into discoverable, understandable, and actionable insights.


The first AI/Machine Learning EHR that assists Providers in the office.


- May 20016 We launched videodirect.amazon.com. This service allows indie creators to upload their own videos to Amazon’s Prime Video and generate royalties based on the hours streamed.

- At Amazon I was a Sr. User Experience Designer, Prototyper, and Storyteller. I worked on a cross-platform design and service for Amazon Video. I Designed for the next-generation video and interactive media experiences for multiple languages.

- Through user studies, conceptual diagrams, wireframes, and data analysis I tackled big and interesting problems. I deliverd detailed mockups and interactive prototypes in a cross-platform experience across web, living room devices, and muilti-mobile platforms.

- I worked with leadership teams, project owners, development teams, and other UX designers and own the process from concept to completion.


- I manageded and work with a strong team and develop a world class Physician's Experience which include everything from logging in, to managing a patient's data, ordering medications and writing the physician's note (EHR).

- I deliverd Workflow Designs and Wireframes. I participated heavily in User Testing, Feature Planning, Scrum Planning, Team Management, and the Enterprise Level UX Architecture.

- This work involved designing interfaces that solve complex interactions with elegance and simplicity.

io studio

- Sole Interactive Designer working on the National Guard account. I designed for the web site including work on internal software, and mobile apps.

- Worked with a team of programmers to build a user flow and architecture that works with an experiential design to inform and teach users about the benefits and concerns of joining the National Guard Special Forces.

- Concept design for national campaigns reaching users through traditional advertising, social media and web experiences.

- Collaborate with a Creative Director, Art Directors, Account Executives and Designers to create usable, memorable, and powerful experiences.


Gold ADDY® Award - 'Special Forces Microsite'
American Advertising Federation - AAF
March 2013

Silver ADDY® Award - 'Camp Atterbury' for Army National Guard
American Advertising Federation - AAF
February 2012

Silver ADDY® Award - 'Soldier with Green Smoke' for Army National Guard
American Advertising Federation - AAF
February 2012

Silver ADDY® Award - 'Gas Mask Soldie'r for Army National Guard
American Advertising Federation - AAF
February 2012

Silver ADDY® Award - 'Smash & Grab' for Army National Guard
American Advertising Federation - AAF
February 2012

Silver ADDY® Award - 'Gladiators' for Army National Guard
American Advertising Federation - AAF
February 2012


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"Man is the only animal that can remain on friendly terms with the victims he intends to eat until he eats them." — Samuel Butler

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